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Kate Bokoles – Healing Space Ventura

Kate Bokoles loves helping people create their visions of vibrant health. She offers Myofascial Release and Reiki Therapy. Kate uses bodywork and energy work to invite her clients to release blocks or holding patterns in the body.  She is passionate about her clients well-being and helping each person she touches hold a healing space that empowers ownership of her or his own healing.

Kate uses an intuitive style that focuses on movement, joint space, range of motion, and increased circulation, as well as integration of the emotional and physical structures within the body.

As Kate says, “playfulness, joyfulness, discovery and creation are the values that I live and share with my clients to create a life of fun and vitality.”

She also honors the power of choice, word, imagination, and possibility to create whatever it is that is desired.

The Goddess Speak community welcomes you, Kate!

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Connie Nash – The Empath’s Coach

Connie Nash is a transformational coach and life purpose expert on a mission to awaken your innate genius so you can begin doing what you love. During her 20-year personal growth and self-awareness journey, Connie rescued herself from her deepest pain and now successfully guides other empaths and sensitives to do the same in far less time.

Using her proven system, The 5 Key Elements of Personal Mastery, she fast tracks people into being the person they want to be and living the life they want to live, in a safe space of pure love, utilizing her gifts of compassion, sensitivity and intuition. In 2010, she launched Align with Love, a coaching practice that helps people pinpoint specifically where they are stuck, showing them the path to clarity and their own inner guidance to eradicate fear enabling them to fast forward into the life they dream about.

Known for her truly heart-centered approach, pure love, and keen intuitive insights, Connie offers highly effective processes for empaths (a.k.a light-workers) to precisely identify and clearly define their divine mission and purpose so they can create a richly abundant life doing what they love.

As Connie says, “True joy only exists in the giving to others what brings you the most happiness”

 Welcome to the Goddess Speak community, Connie!